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Post release RMD-2020

The VI International Scientific Conference Russian Mortar Days (RMD-2020) was held at Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, January 30-31.

150 representatives of scientific communities and organizations of the dry mortar market from different countries of Europe and Asia participated at the conference.

The forum was organized by the international community Drymix.info, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering and the event agency "Quintet".

The conference was supported by the Union of Manufacturers of Dry Construction Mixtures, the Russian Gypsum Association, the Russian Union of Builders, the National Association of Manufacturers of Building Materials, Products and Structures and the Technological Platform Construction and Architecture. The conference was sponsored by Nuryon, a leading supplier of process equipment and building chemicals. Much attention at the conference was paid to modern technological solutions in the production of dry building mixes, the use of innovative materials and construction efficiency.

The first day of the conference was devoted to speakers - industry experts, the second day - a laboratory workshop "Testing Procedures for the Declaration of Dry Mixtures. Testing of Modifying Additives", as well as a thematic round table for representatives of the Union of Manufacturers of Dry Construction Mixtures.

Russian Mortar days is a conference with a rich history. For the first time, it took place at the site of the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering in 2011. Very quickly, the conference gained fame not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. The 2020 conference was no exception. The Russian market attracts the attention of Western experts and participation in such events is an excellent way to interact with the industry. The conference was chaired by the scientific director of the Research Institute of Building Materials and Technologies NRU MGSU Andrey Pustovgar.

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