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Saint Petersburg, 15 October 2018


The first international conference COMPOSITE MATERIALS AND STRUCTURES IN THE MODERN CIVIL CONSTRUCTION FibroMix 2018 was held at the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbSUACE) from October 10 to 12.

The old and one of the Russias largest institutions of higher education for training of the architectural and construction staff gathered over 100 delegates from the enterprises and scientific organizations from Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia in its hospitable walls.

The work of the FibroMix Conference had been preceded with the advanced qualification courses for the specialists of the construction industry on the programme Modern cement composites, at which they were got familiar with the theoretical and practical aspects of the current problems in the technology of the concretes.

Over 50 reports, whose subjects covered all basic areas of the production and use of the composite materials, were presented during the main business part of the Conference. In addition to the general themes, typical for almost all segments of the building material science, they discussed the specific problems. Thus, the Scientific Head of the Conference, Correspondent Member of the Russian Academy of the Architecture and Construction Sciences, Doctor of the Technical Sciences, Professor Pukharenko Y.V. delivered a report Mission of the Fibro Concrete in the Modern Construction to the audience.

At the beginning the Conference was conceived as a tribute to our teacher Doctor of the Technical Sciences, Professor Lobanov I.A. and was dedicated to his 90th birthday, Yuri Vladimirovich said in his opening speech. Igor Aleksandrovich was one of the founders of the national research school on the problem of the dispersive and reinforced concretes. Over 25 years he directed a comprehensive research in the field of fibro concretes, during which they developed the theoretical foundations for creation of such composites, studied the possibilities of application of the different types of the fibers and their combinations as the dispersive reinforced fixture, determined the areas of an effective use of the various types of the dispersive and reinforced components. We understood, however, in the process of preparation that the themes and problems of the fibro concretes are directly connected with many other adjacent areas of the building material science, that is why the subject of the reports was widened very much. It turned out to be a correct decision.

The representatives of the Voronezh STU, PSRU, SPbPU, Tver STU, Ivanovo SPU, Mordovia SU, SPbSU, Scientific and Research Institute of the Medical Microbiology after P.N. Kashkin, NWSMU after I.I. Mechnikov, Irkutsk SRTU, Belarus SU, South-Ural SU, Zabaikalsk SU and Novosibirsk SUAE delivered their reports at the Conference.

The listeners and participants of the Conference included the representatives of LSR Beton, LuyaBetomix, Bang and Bonsomer, Be Right, Geoizol, Conglomerate, Samara Gypsum Combined Plant and many others.

A special interest was generated by a few reports devoted to the bio-damage of the building materials and structures and ecological, repair and construction and restoration problems arising therefrom.

A deserved attention was paid to the producers and suppliers of the fiber companies BASF and Fibrotech, cellulose fibers company Rettenmaier Rus, composite materials Sika and Agio, producers of the cement LafargeHolsim Russia and many others.

Three days of an intensive work, new knowledge and meetings laid a firm fibro foundation of the new conference, which, for sure, becomes a point of meeting of the professionals in the area of the composite materials and structures of the modern construction industry, noted in her welcome speech Irina Robertovna Lugovskaya, First Prorector of the SPbSUACE.

The FibroMix Conference was organized by:
- QUINTET Agency and Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a sponsorship support of the companies:
- BaltMonolitStroy LLC an official dealer of the BASF Concern for the North-West Federal District;
- HeidelbergCement Rus LLC and member of the HeidelbergCement Group Slantsev Cement Plant CESLA OJSC.


Additional information:
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