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About BALTIMIX-2019

The 19th International Conference BALTIMIX-2019
the city of Voronezh, "Mercure Voronezh Center 4*"
August 20-22, 2019

New Production Technologies. New Contacts. Peculiar Features of the Region. New Sales Markets.


The event is organized by the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering in conjunction with QUINTET Agency (Organizer of BaltiMix since 2000).

The Conference will be held with the scientific support of the Voronezh State Technical University, Technological Platform "Construction and Architecture", Committee of the Russian Union of Builders for Science as well as the Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering.

Conference presentation

BALTIMIX biggest industrial event of applied nature: contacts, interaction, communication and practical use this is the target to which the organizers strive.

BALTIMIX venue for meetings and communication of the business owners, company directors, heads of departments, technologists, leading specialists of the Dry Building Mixes industry.

Voronezh has been chosen as the venue of BALTIMIX-2019 for good reason. The Voronezh Region is the capital of the Russian Black Earth Area. Moreover, the region is rich of the raw materials for production of the DBM. The Conference goes to the regions traditionally. This allows to rise the efficiency of interaction between the science, business and state.

Geography of the participants: Russia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and China.

BALTIMIX is a meeting point for:
- Manufacturers of the DBM and basic raw materials;
- Representatives of the building companies and national institutions of higher education;
- Suppliers of the chemicals, production and laboratory equipment;
- Builders and developers, retailers etc.

BALTIMIX-2019 means:

  • Possibility to meet and establish business contacts with the colleagues, potential suppliers and customers;
  • Speeches on all main processes of the dry mortars production and sale;
  • Discussion of the problems and outlook for development of the DBM market and specific features of the local production taking into account the regions potential;
  • Recognized experts with the speeches on the new DBM production and use technologies;
  • Speeches on development of the sales in the DBM sector based on the international and regional experience;
  • Business and informal communication among the industrial professionals.

In the course of the Conference, you will hear the speeches on all main processes of the dry mortars production and sale. The speakers also discuss the problems and outlook for development of the DBM market, specific features of the local production taking into account the regions potential. The recognized experts will tell you about the new DBM production and use technologies based on the latest scientific developments. The representatives of the retail business will speak on development of the internet sales in the DBM sector based on the international and regional experience.

Mercure Voronezh Center 4*

The hotel is located in the heart of the city, in its cultural and business center, 20 km away from Voronezh international airport.

The main administrative buildings of the city, offices of large banks and shopping centers are within walking distance.

The hotel has 155 rooms. Rooms of Mercure Voronezh Center are designed in marine style featuring the natural materials and textures, fabrics and furnishings, creating the unique atmosphere of serenity, peace and comfort for its guests.


  • Russian DBM market: condition, results, forecast and outlook.
  • Equipment for mechanization of the works with application of the dry building mixes.
  • Means and methods to make cheaper the DBM recipes with no loss of qualitative characteristics.
  • Dry building mixes for repair and fire defense of the building structures.
  • Russian plasters market: condition and outlook.
  • Main trends in the DBM production in Russia and the world.
  • Special dry building mixes.
  • Russian construction market: current state and outlook for development.
  • Normative provision for the dry building mixes, original raw minerals and binders.
  • Newest DBM packaging and palletizing techniques.
  • Biologic strength and useful life of the materials.

For more information, contact "Quintet":
Contact: Maria Suslova
Tel./fax: (812) 703-10-19
E-mail: msuslova@baltimix.ru