19 - 20 - 21 August • EKATERINBURG • Hotel "Onegin 4*"


XX Anniversary International Conference for Dry Building Mixes


BALTIMIX-2020 - the XX anniversary International Conference for Dry Building Mixes, EKATERINBURG, 19-21 August 2020, Hotel "Onegin"

BALTIMIX venue for meetings and communication of the business owners, company directors, heads of departments, technologists, leading specialists of the Dry Building Mixes industry. Participants from: Russia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey and China.

BALTIMIX - the biggest industrial event of applied nature: contacts, interaction, communication and practical use goes to the regions traditionally. This allows to rise the efficiency of communication between science, business and government.

EKATERINBURG - the venue of BALTIMIX-2020:
  • the capital of the Urals - a geographical and cultural bridge between Europe and Asia;
  • Sverdlovsk region is rich of the raw materials for production of the DBM;
  • localization of the DBM production.
  • Possibility to meet and establish business contacts with the colleagues, potential suppliers and customers.
  • Speeches on all main processes of the dry mortars production and sale.
  • Discussion of the problems and outlook for development of the DBM market and specific features of the local production taking into account the regions potential.
  • Recognized experts with the speeches on the new DBM production and use technologies.
  • Speeches on development of the sales in the DBM sector based on the international and regional experience.
  • Business and informal communication among the industrial professionals.